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  • Logo

    Logo and color usage

    While although the Acapo logo can be used as a stand alone symbol, it should be used more frequently as a logo mark (symbol and text as a group). The image above shows how the logo should be used. The logo can appear in either the "copper" or "charcoal" colours—the two supporting Acapo brand colours. If the logo appears on a dark surface, the logo can be used in white and be reversed out of the solid background. The logo can also be used in black, for 1 colour print jobs, or documents intended to printed internally.

  • Logo proportions

    Margins and spacing

    The distance between the symbol and text in the logo should never be adjusted. This distance is fixed, and the symbol should never move closer or farther from the text in the logo. This fixed spacing is used as a general minimum margin around the logo, which ensures for clear and legible use of the logo in a layout.

  • Logo usage

    Examples of logo misuse

    Above are some examples of logo misuse. The spacing, proportion or size of or between elements of the logo should never be adjusted. The logo should not be distorted, stretch, compressed, etc. in any way. The logo should never be used in colours other than those specified in the the colour usage section above. The logo should never use a drop-shadow or any other effect. The logo should not be placed on patterns or busy backgrounds. This are only some examples of logo misuse. If you are not certain about how you are using the logo, please contact the appropriate persons.

  • Logo symbol

    When and how to use the symbol

    The symbol can be used in certain cases as a stand alone logo symbol. This can be used on promotional items, as long as the surface also contains the the full company name in writing, for example: Acapo AS.  This should not be used by or for external materials, such as ads or logos in publications. Some examples of how to use the logo symbol include: Signage, stamps, stickers, apparel, etc. The use of this logo variations should be limited and should be used with a clear understand of the Acapo brand strategy.