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  • About the manual

    About the manual

    Acapo's online brand manual exists as a resource for both internal and external marketing, and should be used as a tool to assure that the brand is executed in the correct and proper way. Each section of the brand manual contains short texts, examples, and resource files. The texts explain rules and reasoning behind each brand element. The images serve as visual examples of said rules. All relevant files or documents can be found in the right hand column or bottom of the page (as the website is responsive, and adjusts the layout according to your screen or device size.)

    Section 1: Brand

    In this section you will find information and files in regards to the Acapo logo and symbol. Logo: this section discuses colour usage of the logo. Logo proportions: this section contains rules regarding proportion, margin and spacing in and around the logo. Logo Usage: this section discusses how the logo should be used, and shows examples of logo misuse. Logo symbol: this section discusses when and how the symbol can be used separately from the logo. All relevant files for both screen and print can be found on this page.

    Section 2: Assets

    This section discusses colour, typography, pattern, graphic elements, icons, image treatment,  illustration and photo illustration. Each section discusses the rules and use of each brand asset. All relevant files can be found on this page.

    Section 3: Carriers

    This section contains all templates (word documents, powerpoint templates, etc.) as well as collateral materials in PDF form (such as brochures, product sheets, etc.) Each section will discuss use of each item. All relevant files can be found on this page

    Resource Library

    This section, accessible form the top utilities navigation, contains all files in one location.

  • Questions?

    Questions regarding Acapo profile and brand manual

    If you are unclear or have any questions regarding use of the Acapo brand, please contact Hilde Vold-Burgess (hvb@acapo.no) or Kjersti Rogne (kr@acapo.no), or contact the design firm responsible for the Acapo profile, Anti (robert@anti.as)